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Living In Duncanville Texas

Living in Duncanville (or as native residence call it D’ville) has been overall great! For about 5 years now, my wife and I have lived here. Did we pick it by choice? Not so much 🙂 When getting married we searched for homes around Dallas but didn’t find one we liked. The good ones were always just to expensive!  We finally ran across a home in Duncanville randomly with our realtor and instantly feel in love with it. Great condition and easy to get on a freeway in a matter of minutes. The city itself is not to big. One main high school called Duncanville High School is close by I-20. And Hwy 67 is not to far. There is not to much to see and do in the city. It’s an old city with not much activity and new things to see.

A great area for elderly people! Depending on your age and type of person you are you’ll have to leave the city to find good restaurants, bars and actives to do.  They do have a small downtown area. We typically go every year around Christmas for a tree lighting and parade. A tourist type of city? I think not! You again won’t see much as the city doesn’t have much entertainment and food choices. The best choice for that is in Arlington near the Arlington Heights or Cedar Hill which is just south of here.  The city itself is pretty quiet depending on the neighborhood you stay at. The thing that stands out the most about this city is the friendly people and neighbors. Everyone seems to watch out for each other.

If you are every in Dallas and  visit the city of D Ville give me a shout. I’ll be your tour guide of the city and will only show you around but don’t expect to see much! In about 10 mins we’ll be completely done. Below I’ve added a simple map showing people how to get to the city from different parts of the town. It should help guide you no matter what part of DFW you are coming from. Remember the city is small, don’t blink when your driving to find it because you might miss it. If any of you are looking to start a business or live in the city reach out to me and I can help point you into the right directions on where to set up shop.  Thank you again. To learn more about Duncanville Texas click here.



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