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Leaky Faucet Repair

Leaky faucet repair plumbers in Duncanville

What can cause a leaky faucet in your home? Are you tired of walking in the restroom and hearing a leaky faucet coming from the sink or the tub? A simple leaky faucet can cause up to 3 gallons of water being wasted a day enough to fill up a swimming pool if not taken care of for an entire year. There are many causes of the leaky faucet that’s go over a few below:

A Bad O Ring – These can loosen or wear out over time. The o ring is located under the faucet spout.

Worn out seals – These seals can overtime become corroded by build up sediments.

Water Pressure – If there are only certain times of the day this could be your reason.

Broken or Loose Parts – If water is coming from underneath the sink this could be the issue.

While these are just a few causes they’re are many more.

Whatever the cause of the leaky faucet we can help. Our plumbing team is experienced and licensed plumbers near you that can handle any plumbing issue you have. Let us first evaluate your plumbing issue free as we offer free estimates. We can give you your options at that point you can hire us or someone.

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