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We specialize in slab leak repair, location and fix.

Have you recently noticed water puddles forming on the surface of your floor and you have no idea how or where that water came from? How about hot floors? Does it sometimes feel like your floor is hot as if you’re walking on hot coals? How about your water pressure?

Duncanville Slab Leak Repair Plumbers – Has it been lowering and getting weaker over time? Or maybe you been having outdoor puddles in certain areas around the house or cracking floors that are popping out of nowhere? 

Or has your water bill been getting extremely high? These are all signs that you could possibly have a slab leak under your home. Slab leaks are basically pipes that have bursts.

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These pinhole leaks inside these pipes are caused by corrosion over time and typically happen when a home is settling on the foundation.

If you think you possibly could have a slab leak under your home give us a call today. We specialize in slab leak repairs, detection and locates.

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We offer free slab leak estimates. Let us come to your home and assess the problem and we can then determine the best solution for you.


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